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Unlock the unbeatable savings of a Net Zero Home with the guidance of our dedicated energy efficiency advisors! Join thousands of delighted homeowners who have already eliminated their utility bills for good. 

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specializing in net zero homes

Solify is dedicated to delivering customized programs to homeowners, empowering them towards Net Zero Energy Home Construction.

Homeowners can also join various Government Initiatives offering up to $10,000 in grant support, & up to $120,000 low interest loans.

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Solar Panels

With our unbeatable offer, you'll receive a check for the difference if you don't achieve your expected energy output. Enjoy a 25-year production guarantee. Plus, you can qualify for up to $5000 in grants for your upgrade!


Zero Energy Homes​

Combined with superior efficiency, zero energy homes redefine modern living. These homes are expertly sealed and insulated to minimize energy loss. They are designed to generate as much renewable energy as they consume over a year—effectively reducing your energy bills to zero. Embrace sustainable living with up to $10,600 in grants, plus 0% interest loans on all Net Zero Homes.


Heat Pump Technology

Leveraging superior engineering , air-to-air heat pumps provide efficient home heating and cooling feature. Using advanced reverse technology, they excel in both functions. Apply now and receive up to $6500 in Grants


Battery Storage​

Our highly efficient DC-coupled Batteries store excess solar energy for powering the home when rates are high or at night. When installed with our Backup Interface, they provide reliable backup power during outages.​


Heat Pump Water Heaters​

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters are energy efficient, costing only $7-$12 per month to operate, which is cheaper than a tankless water heater. Apply now to receive up to $1300 in grants.


Insulation & Draft Sealing

Attic insulation helps keep hot and cool temperatures in your home for longer, significantly reducing your energy bills by up to 33%. Apply now and receive up to $2400 in grants.

The electric car is fully charged with a battery, Charging technology, Clean energy filling technology. 3D illustration

EV Chargers (Residential + Commercial)

Install an electric vehicle charger at home or your business. Get funding to support green energy adoption. Imagine a net zero home where you charge your car with sunlight!

EV 4

EV Charging stations (commercial)

Powered by solar energy. Turn a profit quickly on commercial electric vehicle charging stations. An incredible addition to any business with a parking area.

What's the benefit of going solar?

Going solar reduces electricity bills, increases energy independence, boosts property value,
and supports a sustainable environment by lowering carbon emissions.

Reduce Bills

Professionally installed solar will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bill.

Price Protection

Avoid inflation and protect your wallet by locking in an affordable price for power.

Resale value

Turn your energy into a physical asset that will increase your property's resale value.

Clean Energy

Lead your community in eliminating its carbon footprint and save on costs at the same time.

Energy Independence

With solar you don't have to settle, you can have your energy supply on your own terms.


You may be eligible for financial incentives or green energy initiatives when going solar.

Work Process

We Will Guide you at Every Step.

Ensuring you have a smooth and quick journey to your home upgrades.


Make Appointment

Book a Consultation and let our specialist guide you and assess your eligibility for this incredible opportunity.


Qualifying Stage

Next being an Energy Audit, we help fast-track this step. 'Natural Resources Canada' will conduct a thorough audit of your home to determine its efficiency and assess the grants you qualify for.



Once the audit is completed, our dedicated admin and project management team will take charge of handling all the paperwork and installation process. Just point and watch our team get to it.


Sit Back & save

All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of Net Zero home improvements.

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As part of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, we’re proud to showcase our successful Ontario solar panel installations. Ready to make a sustainable change?

Kitchener, ON

Kitchener, ON

Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

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Georgetown, ON

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Scarborough, ON


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We are proud of the milestones we have made on our Canadian communities towards sustainability and expert service.

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Our testimonials shine a light on the true power of going solar! Discover how Solify is transforming their energy usage. 

Solify went above and beyond to help me out. They saved me from a tough situation with another company, showing they truly care about customers.

    Mina Baghestani
    Mina Baghestani

    Home Owner

    We were extremely satisfied with the service Angie provided us with. After our 3rd month with Solar and the new heat pump, we have no gas or hydro consumption on our bills.

      Calder Sanders
      Calder Sanders


      We spoke with James at length about upgrading my furnace and air conditioning to a heat pump. I felt completely comfortable with the information provided and all the explanations given.

        Paul Evans
        Paul Evans